Thursday, January 8, 2009

Big Boy!

We got Wyatt a Baby Bjorn potty a few months ago, and he hasn't really been interested in it much except as a hat. Or moving it around from room to room. He has always refused to sit down on it, until yesterday. Last night I asked him if he wanted to sit on it and read a book. So, he sat on it fully clothed and flipped through a book. I think he has been starting to become more comfortable with it, because tonight during a diaper change, I asked him, if he wanted to sit on it, and he did, NAKED! :) Not for long, but after hearing all of our cheers and encouragement, he sat back down, loving the attention. The next time he popped up, he lifted both his hands high with a great big smile, as if to say, "What a big boy I am!!"

I am under no delusions that he will really start potty training anytime soon, and I am ok with that (his cloth diapers are SO cute! hehe). I just know that my guy takes a LONG time to get comfortable with things, so I like to give him a slow head start. ;)

He has started giving kisses, and asking for kisses (on his hand, his knee, etc) when he gets hurt. SO cute.

He is also SUCH a mimic...lately we have heard everything from, "Thank you so much", "Yes we can!" (from Bob the Builder), "I sit down here", and "Wanna play with Buster"....:)

Oh, and I almost forgot - tonight Watt spotted some baby food jars of green beans on the counter. (Sometimes I buy them because he will eat them mixed with plain yogurt - gross, I know. But when you have a toddler who has been refusing any and all vegetables for months, you'll do anything to try to get them in.) He asked, ASKED for the green beans. To EAT. So I gave it to him with a spoon, and he ATE THEM ALL. AND ANOTHER JAR. I was very excited. It was a momentous day indeed. ;)

Here are some pictures of him and a good friend today - they make me smile.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Little Stud

Need to update badly, but for now...if only he didn't move SO fast...;)

Enough said. :)

P.S. Oh, and Mom? When he woke up at the cheery hour of 3:30am this morning (thinking it was 6:30, still on East coast time...) he was crying for "Grandmommy". And when I picked him up, he pointed to the chair and said, "Rock". Grandmommy sure knows how to spoil her little man...hehe ;)