Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I have a three year old.

Oh, hi there. It's come to my attention that I have a blog. So now would probably be the perfect time to talk about the fact that as of March 18th, Wyatt is three. Or "tres" as he likes to call it.

His favorite birthday present was the watch he got from Marci and Uncle Mark. It has a car that ticks away the seconds. He constantly asks me what time it is. ALL. THE. TIME. Thanks guys. ;)

It's actually been good though, because he hasn't taken it off since it came in the mail, and he spent the first 45 minutes (!) watching it go around. (And I thought paint drying was exciting!) So its like a babysitter, without the guilt! Sweet!

"What's that? You want me to answer your hundreds of questions? Well, I have a question for you! 'What time is it?' Oh, look at that! It keeps going, and going and going..." Hehehe. Heh.

This year he was old enough to kind of grasp the concept of his birthday, and every day for the two weeks prior he would ask me many times, "Am I three yet? Am I ALMOST three?" I think he was most excited about the cake. He wanted a chocolate cake with white icing. It was VERY good. So good in fact, that Wyatt and I ate it for breakfast for the next four days. Oh the benefits of getting older, kid.

Speaking of getting older, funny story. Wyatt found picture of Eric and I on our wedding day and said, "Oh! That's a nice picture of you!" I told him it was from the day we got married.

About a week later we were walking to the store and he said, "Are you married?"
"Yep, Daddy and I are married."
"Am I married?"
"Nope, you're not married! You're not big enough to get married."
"When I get bigger, do I have to get married?"
"I don't want to get bigger. I don't want to get married."
"You don't have to get married! Do you want to stay little?"
"So you want to get bigger?"
"No. I just want to stay the same."

I hope you do for just a little while anyway, little man. ;)