Sunday, December 14, 2008

See, Eric?

A picture of the little man "reading" a baby calendar before bed, and a couple more to prove how much he actually needs a haircut.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One of Those Years...

Sometimes you just have one of those days with your kid, you know? Eh, who am I kidding, sometimes we have one of those WEEKS, or even MONTHS. And there was that time that whole YEAR was one of THOSE.

I like to read "mommy blogs", and it never ceases to amaze me when I read a statement like this, "Johnny is such a happy boy, he sleeps so well and is always smiling. Taking care of him is almost effortless." Ummm...WHAT??? How nice for you. Times like this I console myself with the superficial fact that MY KID IS PROBABLY CUTER THAN YOURS. When not throwing a rediculous tantrum over the fact that we took away his sharp, shiny object.

I don't think during my adolescence when my mom threatened me with words of, "Someday I hope you have a child just like you," that this is what she meant. I was a LOVELY baby and toddler. It was just later that it somehow went terribly, horribly wrong. So, dear Wyatt, I guess if your plan is retribution on Grandmommy's behalf you can get it all out now, and then let's move on, shall we? That would be greatly appreciated. ;)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Which one looks more like us??

So we tried putting Wyatt down to sleep at our friend's house again the other night, and no such luck this time. :( He really wanted to hang with us, and was great once he was with us. I think he knew that if he started acting out, he would have to go to bed again...haha! We ended up getting home a little after 10pm, and he went to bed at 10:30. That was the latest he has ever gone down...intentionally anyway. I was really hoping he would sleep in, but no such luck. He did however take a THREE HOUR NAP the next day. During which I had to compulsively check on him 67 times to ensure he was still breathing.

These are a couple pictures I took this morning. (Note the chin scar in the first pic. I am constantly rubbing it with vitamin E in hopes it will eventually vanish into obscurity...;)P

The second picture was supposed to be of Wyatt hugging the dog, but he moved so fast, I basically just got the dog. And yes, his eyes are really like that. No, suprisingly he doesn't run into walls. Much.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Never mind that it was only repeated...;)

Tonight I was rocking Wyatt before bedtime. He was snuggling into my shoulder and as I rubbed his back I said, "I love you, Wyatt." And Wyatt? He responded, "I wuv YOU." It was the sweetest thing EVER.