Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Snowy Halloween...

So I kind of figured I would get up a post about Halloween BEFORE the first snow of the season, but...NOPE. Two days before Halloween we have a substantial snowstorm. It was kind of fun, albeit totally weird.

Last night we went to the mall for treak-or-treating, and Wyatt made out like a bandit. It was really cute to see all the three to five year old boys walking around in their super hero suits eying each other up. One of my favorite/non-favorite-but-still-kind-of-hilarious moments was when one store ran out of candy and replenished the bowl with these industrial sized pixie sticks and the admonition of "Good luck with that" to all the parents passing by. I mean seriously, this thing is about three feet long and an inch in diameter. A PIXIE stick. If I was a kid I would've been all, "SCORE!"...but now? Not so much. Aforementioned stick is now hiding in the back of the pantry in hopes that it will never be missed.

After that we went to a Harvest Festival put on by my grandma's church. They went all out with games, trunk-or-treating, crafts, lots of food, and even a hayride around the parking lot. We all had a great time, including IronMan himself. Enjoy the pics of our little superhero in his store-bought costume as well as his self-drawn one. Go super powers!

It can't be November already, can it?