Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!! And other things...

Hope everyone had a wonderful day. We went to a friend's aunt's house for Christmas dinner. It was a loud, chaotic, totally great time. All the cousins in the family (and there were a lot) put together a Christmas program for us after dinner. It was quite enjoyable, especially when we were all clapping after a scene and Wyatt says, out of nowhere, "What in the heck is this crap? There is no reason!"

Huh? Who let Walter Matthau in here?

Seriously though, it was quite funny, and he obviously didn't know what he was saying, but just was repeating something he had heard and thought it was hilarious. GREAT.

And the other day. We were at a friend of Eric's who lives a couple hours away. I had never met this friend before, and the friend had never met Wyatt.

He decided to tease Wyatt. To which Wyatt replied, "No, that's not right. You are an idiot." I kid you not. "Um hi, nice to meet you, thanks for having us over to stay at your home, I'm sorry my two year old just called you an idiot to your face." Whoops. See, Eric? All those elbows in the ribs while driving when you called someone just that were for a REASON. REALLY.