Monday, May 16, 2011

Crying in Goodwill...

Well, that didn't actually happen, but I was THIS CLOSE. We were heading to a food packing event at our church and were early enough that we decided to stop in and peruse the wares at Goodwill. I found a bunch of books and was about to leave when I wandered over to the kids shoes, just out of curiosity.

There they were. Staring me in the face. A pair of canvas velcro skater shoes from Stride Rite. The same ones I had recently traded in at a kids clothing swap because they were getting a tad too small. They were sitting all lonely on the shelf, flooding me with memories of Wyatt wearing those shoes. I almost bought them on the spot, before I talked my self out of it. But I still welled up with tears the entire way to church. Remember when we bought them? It was a lifetime ago... What if I never get to have another child that fits into shoes that size again?

Growing up is so bittersweet. Almost bittersweet enough for tears in Goodwill.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Belated Happy Easter

It's a bit of a rainy Sunday outside and I'm feeling tired and unmotivated to write much of a post, so you'll get pictures. And YOU'LL LIKE THEM. ;) Without further adieu, I bring you some Easter cuteness. Enjoy!

Dyeing eggs with Daddy...

With a friend after church in their adorable Easter outfits!

She wanted to hold his hand and he happily oblidged. ;)

On a hunt for some eggs...

My handsome boy.