Friday, October 30, 2009

Hide and Seek!

Tonight we taught Wyatt how to play hide and go seek. He would stand in one place and count to ten, and then come barreling down the hallway looking for either Mommy or Daddy, laughing hysterically when he found us.

"I wanna do it again!" we kept hearing. It was so much fun. I love how he's getting older and turning into a little boy. ;)

The Big 3-0!

Yes, that's me. I'm really that old. As of Tuesday, the 27th. It was a great birthday.

We couldn't find a babysitter for Eric to take me out to dinner last Saturday night, so we took Wyatt with us. When we got to the restaurant, the first thing I noticed was a guy who looked JUST LIKE my brother. And he was smiling. At me. Next to him, was my brother's girlfriend...wait! So it had to be my brother...WHAT??? And next to HER was my MOM! This wouldn't be such a shock if not for the fact that they all live approximately 2600 miles away, on the opposite coast. They had all flown out to surprise me for my birthday! I was so was the best surprise ever.

My brother and his girlfriend left on Monday to drive up the coast and explore, and my mom stayed with us until Wednesday. Wyatt absolutely LOVED all the Grandmommy time.

Here's a couple shots of Wyatt bonding with Uncle Mark over bedtime stories. :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Our Family

This morning we woke up to, "Daddy, I put your markers away!" Eric shot out of bed, panicked with the prospect that Wyatt had used markers with no supervision. Been there, done that.

When we asked him where he used them, he showed us this picture. In his own words, (from right to left), "It's Wyatt, Daddy, Mommy, and Buster."

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Little Artist

Yesterday we were hanging out with some friends and Wyatt was doodling on a white board, mostly lines and circles, and letters like "W", "T" and "H". Then he drew this.

He said it was a boy with hair. Picasso-esque, eh? ;)