Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Now OFFICIALLY Potty-Training...

We finally used the last diaper this morning. Our washer hasn't been working for months so we have been buying them on a regular basis. I am so over that, and our wallet is too. Eric and I made a joint decision to bite the bullet and not buy any more. Cold turkey, just like that. We have been giving Wyatt plenty of naked time today and he has had a couple accidents (all in his underwear, hence the naked time), but has done pretty well and even pooped on the potty.

I'm a little nervous about tonight. It will be a long and wet night I assume, but its about time. I feel like he is ready. He's been peeing on the potty whenever HE wants for the last six months, so he is more than capable, just needs a little incentive. Wish us luck...hopefully it will be a relatively quick and painless process for all involved! ;)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Say WHAT??

Bathtime, 7:45pm.

Wyatt was being silly and said something funny and then laughed.

I said, "Did you just say, 'No way, Jose?'" (It sounded JUST like that!)

"No silly," said Wyatt. "That's not a word I would use."


Tuesday, September 22, 2009


To all my neighbors....

Apologies for the INSANE screaming and hollering coming from the house twenty minutes ago. I swear I did not lay a hand on my kid, even though the hysterical shrieking and shouts of, "Don't spank me, no spankings!!!" would belie that. I know you have all heard a tantrum or two coming from this house many times, but this time the windows were open, and I heard you all outside. Also?? This was no ordinary Wyatt tantrum. This was EPIC. Like exorcist-requiring epic and lasting for half hour. Over some Legos that wouldn't go together properly. Someone is beyond over tired.

Ordinarily I could care less who overhears a tantrum, but THIS?? If I had heard it? Yeah, I might consider making a phone call or I would definitely be knocking on a door to make sure everything was ok. But seriously, the last thing I need right now is CPS knocking on my door...I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities for that later when Wyatt is a teenager and realizes how much he hates me and how easy it is to work the system.

I HATE this.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Here Ya Go...

Ok, so I've been busy. And I'm lazy. So for now, this is all you get. :)

Wyatt traced his name with help (the one of the top), and by himself (the one on the bottom). Be amazed. :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Small World Shout Out to Rebecca of Girls Gone Child

Wyatt had preschool on Wednesday of this week, so after I dropped him off I went to the bookstore for coffee and magazines. I was walking over to the newstand when I noticed someone that looked very familiar. Almost exactly like Rebecca Woolf from Girl's Gone Child, (a blog I have been following faithfully since Wyatt was born), and her son, Archer. (Also author of "Rockabye,from Wild to Child", a book I have yet to read, but is definitely on my list.) Hmmm. There aren't many mommybloggers I have felt a sort of kinship with, but Rebecca is one of those that I have always pictured myself hanging out with in real life. Her writing style is incredibly honest and true to life, and she says the stuff I wish I was brave enough to.

After a couple minutes of deliberation, I finally sucked it up and nonchalantly approached her and mentioned that I read her blog and we started chatting. About our kids, our tattoos (I noticed she has a very similar star pattern on her wrist), our hot old houses, and the fact that she was down from LA visiting her mom in Encinitas and had actually gone to the exact same preschool Wyatt now attends. She was every bit as cool and down to earth as I had imagined, and maybe sometime we can actually "plan" to run into each other again, and have a coffee/ play date the next time she is in town. Wanted to post a shout out, and much love to an awesome mama. If you haven't already, go check her out here. Seriously, I LOVE her. DO IT.

Sadly, I did not get to meet the delicious and delightful Ms. Fable, and her fabulously drool-worthy thighs. Sigh. There is always next time, I hope. ;)