Saturday, February 21, 2009

Heard Just Now from our Backseat

"A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P....
X, Y, Z....sing with me."

Also? Wyatt has just realized that Daddy's "other" name is "Eric", so we keep hearing that too...haha.

Little Things

I had forgotten how relaxing it is to sit and watch bugs go about their business. With the soundtrack of an occasional passing car, the overhead buzz of a small plane, and the birds chirping, life seems almost idyllic. This is how Wyatt and I spent the better part of our "nature walk" - sitting and watching the "poadie bugs" (roly-poly potato bugs), ladybugs, and the little ants marching to and fro. It was nice. ;)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Actual Conversation...from the Mouths of Babes...

I was eating dinner with Wyatt, trying to bribe him with a kiss after every bite of rice and beans (all THREE of them) ;), when he suddenly closed his eyes. I thought he was being silly, but then he put his hands together. Shame on me...

"Would you like to pray?" I asked him.

"Pray." he repeated.

I prayed and then he said, "Do it again!"

So I prayed again for our food, and for Wyatt, amen.

"Do Buster!"

"And thank you for Buster, amen."

"Do Daddy!"

"And thank you for Daddy, amen."

"Do Mommy!"

"And thank you for Mommy, amen."


Just then Eric came home, and Wyatt said, "Hi Daddy! Amen."

First Black Eye...

Ok, so it's not TECHNICALLY a black eye yet, but I'm pretty sure it will morph into one, especially given the fact that I was in no way allowed to come near it with ice or any other cold object.

We were at the library earlier, looking for books on Sensory Integration Disorder (SID), also known as Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). I have been doing some research lately, and it seems that this describes Wyatt TO A TEE. There was even a (totally extensive) checklist which thoroughly concluded that this is very much what we have been dealing with with Wyatt since birth. It just makes SO MUCH SENSE!!! On the one hand, it is totally nerve wracking to realize there is something going on with your child that they most likely need intervention for in order to lead a much happier life, but on the other hand, my mother's intuition had always told me there was something DIFFERENT about this child, and I am quite relieved to finally have an explanation and some direction. (The fact that we have NO insurance at the moment is a bit depressing, but I'm going to do more research and just figure out what steps would be best to take from here). I digress...

As I was looking for these books, Wyatt charged away from my and ran down another isle...once out of my sight, I heard a bang followed by screaming. As I had recently completed the checklist very clearly showing that Wyatt has issues with coordination (duh), I kind of inwardly rolled my eyes and thought, "here we go again", while I ran to him. But the crying/screaming didn't stop, and I got very concerned. Apparently as he was running he tripped (probably on his own feet), and hit an empty bottom metal shelf with the side of his cheek, right next to his left eye.

I scooped him up to comfort him, and noticed all the swelling starting and some blood in the corner of his eye (not IN his eye, but the skin right beside it). And the frantic crying that would not stop. One of the ladies came back and escorted us into the office, where she went to get us some ice (the notion of which was very strongly rejected by the They felt terrible, but I assured them that it was totally my son being clumsy. It seemed like they were relived I had no intention of suing them (!), especially since they had to take an incident report. It has not turned into a black eye YET, but we'll see. I just hope it doesn't swell partially shut or anything. :( Right now Wyatt is running around the house being his totally goofy self (which admittedly IS making me a little nervous), and has pretty much forgotten all about it.

The only positive aspect of our library trip was that even though the books I wanted were not in stock, after the incident, the ladies made sure to personally order them for me. Still, don't think that was much of a trade-off. Poor boy. :(

Pics later if I can get some.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Beautiful Day with my Boy...

This is what you get when you say, "Smile!"

Time to Update...

Today as I was making a coffee cake for a potluck tomorrow, Wyatt spotted the mixing bowl from his high chair and determined he HAD to have it.

"Bowl, bowl, bowl!!!"

"Not right now, eat your dinner."

"Bowl please, bowl! I said 'please'!" Pause (thinking) "I said 'tank-tu (thank you)'!!"

It was SO cute.

Later I showed him a picture of us holding him as a newborn and asked him who all the people were. I assumed he would call the baby (himself) "Baby Ju", since he has a friend with a little brother named Julian, and he's been referring to all babies as "Baby Ju" lately.

"Whose that?"


"Whose that?"


"Whose that?"

Thinking and scratching his chin (seriously, he actually DID that...hahaha!) "Wy-dit (Wyatt)!"

We were so proud. It was pretty funny how he made the connection it was him, even as a baby...maybe he just assumed he was always with us...;)