Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The kid must really hate chicken...

Tonight was the first night Wyatt was sent to bed without stories, rocking, and songs. It was really his choice, I suppose. He finally decided to eat a second piece of chicken at dinner like we had asked. Then proceeded to spend the next 45 minutes chewing it amidst our numerous requests to just swallow it already. The cheeky smiles and little faces were quite hilarious, and I really had to try hard not to laugh in front of him. (I think in hindsight it would have made a GREAT youtube video, but then he would have known we were amused by it...right?) I know he was being defiant on purpose, but really, it was one of those times where I wanted to congratulate him on his perseverance and stubborness. Yep, I was actually PROUD. ;)

It became quite apparent that he was using it as a stall tactic to stay up later, so I gave him the option of going to bed without stories and songs, or swallowing the chicken. After more waiting around, I sent him to bed (without brushing his teeth...I know, the horror!), and he willingly went, with the tiny piece of chewed up chicken still in his mouth. I didn't want him to think I was still mad at him, so a few minutes later I went in and gave him a hug and a kiss, and told him goodnight. And I still smelled the chicken in his mouth. Not wanting him to fall asleep with food in his mouth (or find it later, wiped all over his sheets, a more likely outcome), I let him spit it into my hand.

I just wish he would have decided to swallow it. I really missed reading and singing to/with him at night, it is my favorite part of the day. Sigh. Stubborn guy. ;)

ETA: He is chattering up a storm right now. I just went by his room and he is singing the songs we usually sing to himself. :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

This makes my heart melt...

Even though there are a thousand million cagillion tiny Lego pieces all over the living room right now. Because Eric said he has been waiting for this day since before we met. (Yep, they have been in the garage our ENTIRE marriage...) <3

Friday, July 10, 2009

Pre-school! And BOATS!!!

Monday was Wyatt's first day at "pre-school". He is going one day a week for two hours only. Eric and I both drove him, and I was dreading dropping him off, as this is always a disaster. But we had checked out the preschool before and really liked how the teacher handled Wyatt, and most importantly, Wyatt ended up having fun!

So the transition wasn't nearly as bad as I had anticipated. Sure, he cried and clung to me for dear life, but the teacher held him for a while and successfully distracted him into having fun. I know this because when we came back from a lovely breakfast out together, he was sitting in circle time for songs, and he had painted a cool picture. He also helped the other kids "feed" a dinosaur (a plastic play structure dino in the back of the school), and went down the slide several times on his own. And I would be lying if I didn't admit that probably the best part of all was the two whole hours it afforded Eric and I ALONE to have a date. Mondays are now the best day of the week. :)

After we picked him up, we drove down to San Diego to see the boats in the harbor. Wyatt fell asleep on the way down and woke up as we were driving around Seaport Village. We got tickets to see a bunch of naval ships and two submarines, something we had never done before. It was definitely up both the boy's alley. ;) Here are a couple pics from the day:

4th of July Fun

Wyatt and I went to a bar-b-que on the 4th of July, and then we all went to see some fireworks with our friends. Once again, Wyatt loved them, and this year he couldn't stop talking about them...

"There was red, and blue, and purple, and it goes 'Pop, pop, pop!"

Here are some pictures of Wyatt and his friends from the bar-b-que.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Firsts: Train Trip and Photos Taken

Today was a "class" trip on the Sprinter Train, from Crouch Street Station in Oceanside, to the Escondido Transit Center. Wyatt thoroughly enjoyed the 50 minute ride, although I didn't get many pictures.

From there was a quick ten minute walk to the Children's Museum in the Center for the Arts.

We later had lunch at an East Coast style deli (yum!) and made it back to the train station on time for our ride back. On the way, we showed Wyatt how to take some pictures and the following photos are the work of our budding photographer:

(What? Like you've never accidentally taken a picture of your face?)

(I think there was some help in steadying this shot.)

(But this one was definitely all Wyatt! Pretty good, huh?)