Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Firsts: Train Trip and Photos Taken

Today was a "class" trip on the Sprinter Train, from Crouch Street Station in Oceanside, to the Escondido Transit Center. Wyatt thoroughly enjoyed the 50 minute ride, although I didn't get many pictures.

From there was a quick ten minute walk to the Children's Museum in the Center for the Arts.

We later had lunch at an East Coast style deli (yum!) and made it back to the train station on time for our ride back. On the way, we showed Wyatt how to take some pictures and the following photos are the work of our budding photographer:

(What? Like you've never accidentally taken a picture of your face?)

(I think there was some help in steadying this shot.)

(But this one was definitely all Wyatt! Pretty good, huh?)

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