Sunday, February 8, 2009

Time to Update...

Today as I was making a coffee cake for a potluck tomorrow, Wyatt spotted the mixing bowl from his high chair and determined he HAD to have it.

"Bowl, bowl, bowl!!!"

"Not right now, eat your dinner."

"Bowl please, bowl! I said 'please'!" Pause (thinking) "I said 'tank-tu (thank you)'!!"

It was SO cute.

Later I showed him a picture of us holding him as a newborn and asked him who all the people were. I assumed he would call the baby (himself) "Baby Ju", since he has a friend with a little brother named Julian, and he's been referring to all babies as "Baby Ju" lately.

"Whose that?"


"Whose that?"


"Whose that?"

Thinking and scratching his chin (seriously, he actually DID that...hahaha!) "Wy-dit (Wyatt)!"

We were so proud. It was pretty funny how he made the connection it was him, even as a baby...maybe he just assumed he was always with us...;)

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