Tuesday, September 22, 2009


To all my neighbors....

Apologies for the INSANE screaming and hollering coming from the house twenty minutes ago. I swear I did not lay a hand on my kid, even though the hysterical shrieking and shouts of, "Don't spank me, no spankings!!!" would belie that. I know you have all heard a tantrum or two coming from this house many times, but this time the windows were open, and I heard you all outside. Also?? This was no ordinary Wyatt tantrum. This was EPIC. Like exorcist-requiring epic and lasting for half hour. Over some Legos that wouldn't go together properly. Someone is beyond over tired.

Ordinarily I could care less who overhears a tantrum, but THIS?? If I had heard it? Yeah, I might consider making a phone call or I would definitely be knocking on a door to make sure everything was ok. But seriously, the last thing I need right now is CPS knocking on my door...I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities for that later when Wyatt is a teenager and realizes how much he hates me and how easy it is to work the system.

I HATE this.


Cheryl said...

so was this before or after a nap or no nap - does not sound like fun.

Amanda said...

It was before, but this is after nap, and it is still going on. You know my kid.