Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hank the Tank

So I have been lazy lately and haven't written much...but the little man has been keeping me busy! It seems he has totally gotten the hang of running; the only drawback being our house is less than spacious. He runs into things quite often in his excitement. He is probably the klutziest (sp?) kid I have ever seen, and this can only be explained by his maternal ancestry. So, I am not really concerned. Except when he is having an especially fussy day (seems more often than not lately) and his usual "Boom!" (followed by laughter when he charges into something and falls down) is replaced by whining, crying, and demanding to be held if he so much as trips over a pillow.

He really has no concept of the fact that he is built like a small tank, and other children don't find it quite so amusing as he when he plows them over. The other day we tried out a new indoor gym for kids, and Wyatt LOVED it. I was worried that it might be a waste of time and money ($5 admission) since he usually clings to me at the playground, but he took right to it. Probably partially due to the fact that there were little hanging boxing bags that you were *supposed* to crash into. Explaining to him that although he could tackle those, he could not tackle the other kids was somewhat of a challenge, however. But all in all, I give the indoor gym five stars, in no small part because Wyatt took a TWO HOUR nap after all his running around. Definitely worth the $5. ;)

Oh, and expect to see even more pictures in the future, thanks to my new Canon Powershot SD1100, officially the best birthday gift ever. Thank you Mom, Brian, Stef, Mark, and Marci!! You guys rock! :)


Mountain Mama said...

I'm just now getting around to considering toddler classes of some kind for him. He's an absolute live wire & I think giving him a place to burn off that energy will do him some good. (Um, & maybe us, too. zzzzzz)

Did you notice any difference in his sleep when you took him to this gym?

Amanda said...

I totally did...he has always been a craptastic napper too...we were the home of the 30 minute nap (when lucky)...lately he has been transitioning to one nap instead of two, and it is usually an hour, hour in a half on a rare day. But THIS day, it was TWO. :-)!!! And he slept well that night too. I'm definitely bringing him back...just want to wait until his stitches heal a lil more cause its probably a little germy there. ;) But you should totally go for it!