Monday, March 2, 2009

New Haircut and Family Resemblance

Wyatt got a haircut yesterday. Daddy gave it to him. Daddy is the only one "allowed" to cut his hair. ;) I think it looks adorable.

Most of the time I don't think Wyatt looks anything like me, and it would probably take both hands to count the number of times complete strangers have seen us together and asked, "Now, who does he look like?" It never particularly bothered me, I just think genetics are a funny thing. I've known lots of families that all look so much alike. Every once in a while though, usually when we are checking ourselves out in the mirror, I notice our similarities. Not so much anything tangible, but more of a roundness of features and a mischievous look in the eye that makes me think, "Yes, this boy is MINE."


Mountain Mama said...

Ditto this. Every now and then Z will turn his head or the light will hit him a certain way, and then I see so much of me in him.

Mountain Mama said...

And I should add that, the "devil" in him is all his mama. ;P