Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Playing in the Backyard...

The following takes place in the span of about two minutes.

"Come here, Butter (Buster), it's feedin' time. You eat sand on ground. Come here. It's feedin' time."

"Bee went 'Bzzzzz!' on cheek, close to eye."

"Get some sand for Butter. I'm dumpin' sand in bucket. Dumpin' out for Butter. Come here, Butter."

"Heeeheeheheee, Butter funny!"

"Looks like Butter poop. But it not Butter poop. It poop from tree." (little tree nuts that fall on the ground)

"Butter at home. I'm not at home. I'm still sweepin'" (sleeping)

"Dump bucket in sand box, and now hold bucket, ready go inside."

This child is a nonstop running commentary.

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