Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fun at Legoland

This morning we went to Legoland with a friend who had a free pass. It was the first time we had ever been, and even though we only got to see a tiny fraction of the park, I think the kids really had a good time. We saw lots of animals made out of Legos (some of them moving), and took a ride on a train, boat, and safari car. The kids also played in one of the play areas. Here are some pictures:

I was hoping all the walking around would help Wyatt take a good nap, but no such thing happened today. It seems that much like last night, the little man is TOO excited over his newly converted toddler bed. Who wants to sleep when you can talk for HOURS?

During the attempted "nap" we heard the doorknob rattling repeatedly. On of us would say, "Wyatt..." and hear the scampering of little feet and the plop back into bed. He never actually came out of the room, but I don't think he spent much time in the bed either. One can only hope that as the novelty wears off, exhaustion will set in...I know it has for me. ;)

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