Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The things you say...

Lately Wyatt has been coming out with the funniest, most amazing things. Things that are often profound, many of which I have NO IDEA where he heard it or what made him think of that.

The other day when we were walking, "Why are there so many clouds out? Is there a storm comin'?"

Earlier today as we were about to go to the store and Daddy was taking too long, "C'mon, Mommy. Let's go without him."
"No, we don't want to go without him, sweetie."
"Why? Cause then he'll be sad? And he'll chase the car down the road?"

Earlier in the car today,
"You are very beautiful, Mommy." (LOVE that.)

And, "Tigers are a member of the cat family." (Huh?? I'm with him pretty much 24/7, and I have NO idea where he heard that...very true though.)

Tonight at dinner, "God lives in Heaven. Did you know that?" (Love that too.)

And later while I was getting him out of the bath, "What does dressed up mean?"
"Well, "dressed" means you're wearing your clothes, but "dressed up" means you are wearing fancy clothes and going somewhere special."
"I want you to dress up like a Princess, Mommy." (Again, I have NO IDEA where he even came up with that.)

This child amazes me on a fairly constant basis. I know I might be biased and all that, but sometimes I'm not so sure...


Hestermania! said...

oh my goodness, that sweet little stinker! i can't believe what he's coming out with. and oh - LOVE the beetles shirt ;)

Cheryl said...

He IS totally amazing and I am not biased at all!!! ;-) Really tho, he is such a grownup 3 year old and scary smart but oh, so sweet - I could just eat him up (or at least hug him). Grandmommy