Monday, May 17, 2010

They grow up *SO* fast...

It's true, because we have a teenager now.

In the bookstore tonight Eric asked Wyatt to pick up some toys he had dropped. He gave Eric a face and quickly said, "Whatever."

Eric: "What did you say?"

Wyatt: "What-EVER."


Ok, really, SO funny. I know I'm supposed to be shocked and all, and I am, but mainly because I have no idea where he learned to do the neck snap like that. I have been practicing in front of the bathroom mirror for close to a decade and I still haven't got it.

We have been battling growing pains for the last few weeks, complete with pulling faces and sticking out tongues, and being the objects of angst from a three year old who is "Really REALLY mad" that we're so mean and life is SO unfair.

Tonight though, I was TOTALLY hiding behind my magazine, trying desperately not to make any eye contact when it happened, lest I loudly collapse and start rolling around on the floor not-so-inconspicuously.

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