Thursday, April 30, 2009

Potty Learning Continued...

So it has been about 12 days since Wyatt first peed on his potty. It has continued everyday average of about 4-10 times a day. This is not to say he no longer pees in his diaper. Oh no, I have a total super-soaker. The diaper I took off him this morning after being on all night probably weighed more than he did. He still pees in his diaper during the day too, and definitely poops there. I suppose that one time he pooped in the potty was a fluke, for now. I have tried to get him to sit down to poop, but as he stands every time to pee (luckily has pretty good aim!), we're not quite there yet.

He seems to be very proud of himself and needs an audience to pee. If Daddy is home, he runs to tell him, "Peed in potty! Peed in potty!" And runs up and down the hallway, laughing excitedly. Occasionally he will tell me he needs his diaper off to go pee in the potty, but usually I ask him first. We're well on our way, though....;)

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