Friday, April 17, 2009


"That sheep is broken." (Drawing of a sheep laying down, no legs.)

"This snake is way cool." (After he made a snake from play-dough.)

"Roadie poadie bug dead. Mommy squish it." (For the record, I totally did NOT. lol)

"Getting dark out. Lie down and go night-night soon."

"I don't like it. Take away. Throw in trash." (We hear this A LOT.)

"I want it!!!" (We also hear this a lot.)

"Buster (Mommy, Daddy, little boy/girl, whoever) FUNNY!!!" (Followed by uncontrollable giggles.)

"Daddy at work (in shower/sleeping, etc.)"

"Go on plane with Grandmommy, see Sammy." (Her cat.)

"Wanna see Grandmommy." (When I'm on my laptop. Sometimes we Skype and we can see her, so he often comes over and asks.)

"I'm scared." (In an elevator, on a slide, etc. Said in a tiny voice, followed by nuzzling into my neck.)

"I'm sleepy, so sleepy." (Said in car while rubbing eyes, right before conking out.)

"Passenger train!/ Steam train!/ Airplane!/ Helicopter!/ Race car!/ Garbage truck!/ Mail truck!/ Fire engine!/ Police car!/ Ambulance!/ Whatever vehicle I am seeing right now!"

"That boat swimmin' in water."

"Mommy/Daddy said no."

"Don't touch."

"I'm walking backwards!!!"

"Please and tank-tu!"

"I sorry."

"Go in time-out?"

"No Buster, that's Wyatt's/mine!"

"No, I'm (drinking milk, sitting down, watching Little Einsteins/ whatever random reason for not doing something Mommy asks.)

"How about..." (When thinking about something, i.e. working on a puzzle.)

"Because..." (Usually proceeds some sort of purposely-bogus reasoning.)

"Sit in Mommy's/Daddy's lap."

"Snuggle with Mommy."

"1...,2...,3....,4...." (and on and on...)

Favorite songs to sing:

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Firetruck Song
Train Song
Itsy-Bitsy Spider
Wheels on the Bus
Jesus Loves Me
Alphabet Song

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