Sunday, June 26, 2011

Vacation Bible School

Last week Wyatt went to Vacation Bible School at a friend's church and he LOVED it. Even though he is only four, he and his friend were put in the kindergarten class to even out the number of kids. They had a closing program on Friday night, which was ADORABLE. Wyatt danced right along to all the songs they had been singing all week, and at one point he even busted out of the pack to get up into the aisle so he could see the teacher better...we laughed so hard when he was standing there in the aisle doing his little dance. Here are some videos we tried to get of the cuteness!


Lucy alonso said...

So happy to see good news! Yay it's working :) keep the videos coming, keep making momma smile Wyatt :)

Amanda said...

Oh yeah, love it - thanks Lucy! :) P.S. Is is Lucy or Luci? I feel like I've seen it both ways! :P