Thursday, August 21, 2008

The WAKEFUL Baby...

Is totally NOT taking a nap. We went to the park this a.m. and wore him out. I was happy to see he was VERY tired when we got home, so I put him down. When all was quiet, I did a 30 minute elliptical workout, thinking he must be asleep because I didn't hear him the whole time. Well, when I removed my HEADPHONES, I heard him talking. Hmmm... Now he is fussing, but I think I'll leave him in there for a little, because I know he didn't already nap.

Here it comes. Yay. The joys of parenthood. ;)

UPDATE: When he starts screaming "Mama, Mama!" and "Door, door, door!" hysterically to get out, that's when I know I have been defeated. He's now enjoying some "pa" (pasta), "ga" (grapes), and "tat" (sweet potatoes), and is pleased as pie. I'm such a sucker. :)P

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