Saturday, August 16, 2008

One, Two, Thee, Fa

Eric has been teaching Wyatt his numbers by holding up his fingers. He usually gets one, two, and three, and sometimes four and five. He can repeat one through ten when prompted. Also in our quest to have him reading by two, har har, he can say all of his letters (although some are clearer than others). He really just repeats them after us, but it is rather cute, and he gets so proud of himself. ;)

Recently he has become obsessed with bringing me my shoes, and I mean EVERY SHOE I OWN. As I type, he is piling them all up next to me on the table. Sometimes he brings me (in his own enthusiastic words) PANTS!!!!!! and maybe even a SHIRT!!!!!, and perhaps a SOCK!!!!! or two. Quite the little helper.

Yesterday we took him to a nearby park and he actually went down the slide himself once. This is a huge deal, because he is EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS, and when he finally climbs the steps to the platform, this is usually followed by hands in the air saying, "Up, please!" Which sounds more like, "Uh peas!", but is way better then the previous whining to be picked up. We have been encouraging him to say, "Please" whenever he wants something, although I am entirely sure that when he realizes that we've tricked him into being polite, all mention of the word will cease.

He is also really getting into making towers with his Lego blocks. Although, they are the "Little People" version and come apart much easier. Eric keeps saying we need to get him the actual "Legos" so they stay together better. In some ways though, I think destroying what he has just built is the most fun at this point (judging from the maniacal laughter that follows).

Yesterday Eric got out of work early so we could go down to Del Mar to see the horse races. He had some free tickets and I thought Wyatt would love the horses, although I wasn't sure how long we would be able to stay. Turns out it didn't matter. Halfway down, Eric realized he forgot the tickets so we turned around and drove home. It was almost rush hour at this point, and neither of us really felt like getting stuck in traffic and wasting more gas, so we went to the aforementioned park, where Eric manage to coerce Wyatt into having a good time. After that, we went to our usual car show, and Wyatt had a blast dancing and stomping to a 50's band.

Today Eric is sailing. I would have loved to go, but I don't have enough money to bribe someone to watch our little monster for FOUR hours, so I am being driven nuts at home. With NO car. I'm predicting an appearance from "Bob the Builder" soon...;)

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