Monday, September 17, 2007

6 months tommorrow...

Tommorrow will mark 6 months since I pushed out this writhing screaming ball of energy and I am beyond praying for a sleep miracle. There were these TWO WHOLE GLORIOUS WEEKS (!!!) where Wyatt sleept for 9-11 hours at night, and it was not ON me. (From birth to around 2 months, the only way he would sleep at night was on my chest. I am not naturally a back sleeper, so those 10-minute increments did not provide much rest. Especially since I had to rock him the entire time. All night long. The boy was born loving motion and still cannot be soothed to sleep without it. But I digress.)

TWO WHOLE WEEKS of night sleep and life was starting to look liveable again. Then we took a trip to visit Grandma in Maryland (around 4 months of age), and lo and behold the pattern of night waking every 1-2 hours began and has yet to abate. It almost seems as bad as the first few months, but it isn't nearly and I have to keep reminding myself of that. Still, aside from those 2 weeks, these last 6 months have yet to provide me with more than 2 consecutive hours of sleep at time, and I get irritated at those folks who keep asking me how I like motherhood. "About as much as scratching my eyes out with razor blades." (THAT would go over well.)

Although I love my son like crazy, motherhood thus far has been nothing short of insane. Surely I am not the only one who feels this way? There have to be others of you out there who dearly love your children, but have been "blessed" with highly active, "high-need", low-sleep babies. And I know how it frustrates you to receive tons of advice that is supposed to work on the "typical" baby but is a joke with your "strong-willed" child. On the plus side, my active and determined baby has begun crawling (which keeps me even more busy, but him less frustrated, which makes for a happier mommy).

(Oh my goodness, after 45 minutes of rocking in the bouncy seat, he is finally asleep (probably for a usual 15 minute catnap, but STILL) - wish the hubby didn't have the camera at work or I would take a picture as proof that the kid DOES occassionally sleep.) Oh did I mention I love my son? He is such a little personality and I really do. =)

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