Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy Half-Birthday!

Today you are six months old, Wyatt! In the spirit of all things celebratory (and because you are finally asleep), I wanted to say a bit about all the quirky things I LOVE about you:

1. You are just so DARN cute. (And it can't be just me, you get nonstop comments and attention wherever we go!)

2. Your mischevous little smile.

3. Your infectious chuckle.

4. Your determination.

5. Your expressive little eyebrows.

6. The way you sometimes break out into a huge grin after you've been crying and I walk into the room.

7. Your spunk.

8. Your sense of humor.

9. The way your head smells after a bath.

10. Your chubby, pinchable cheeks.

11. Your angelic expression when you have finally fallen asleep.

12. The way you study everything around you, taking in every last detail.

13. Your eyelashes resting on your cheeks.

14. Your belly.

15. Your priceless expressions.

16. The way you grab my nose and touch my face.

17. The way you open up your mouth for the spoon, just like a baby bird.

18. The way you go crazy in your Exersaucer.

19. The look you get when you have done something new and you are just so pleased with yourself.

20. Your adorable button nose.

21. Your perfect little lips.

22. The way you have of sticking out your tongue.

23. Your profile.

24. Your fat little feet.

25. All the ways you have enriched my life.

I LOVE YOU WYATT! Sleep well, my prince.

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Lily's Mama said...

This is the sweetest thing EVER.