Sunday, September 23, 2007

The part wherein I jump to a paranoid conclusion.

Today we went to Julian and had some famous apple pie. (Not you, Wyatt...sorry bud. Although you did whine and wimper while you watched us eat it, almost as if you wanted us to know how rude we were being by not sharing.) When we came home, the hubby started rearranging and organizing the living room (yay!) while I took Wyatt grocery shopping. When we got home he was tired, so I put him in the swing for a nap (sometimes you gotta do what works) even though it was close to 6:00pm and his bedtime is somewhere between 8 and 9. (Hey, if my kid is tired, gosh darn it, he will sleep whenever I can get him to.)

When he woke up I brought him out into the living room where Daddy was vacuuming, and wouldn't you know it, that sound that used to calm and soothe him seemed oddly frightening. (Hmmm...kind of a sad commentary on our LACK of vacuuming, but why would I point THAT out?) Anyhow, he pouted with shaking lower lip and started crying, so I had to hold him until the vacuum stopped. And then I put him in his Excersaucer and the room looked totally different so THAT freaked him out. (I mean, he would be diggin' it if we were at someone else's house, but we were at HIS house, and WHAT IN THE HECK DID WE DO TO THE PLACE? It was totally not cool, man.)

Speaking of the Excersaucer, when he was in it he stood on his VERY tippy toes, and kind of shook and made this weird noise. Freaked me out. Almost like he was totally excited, but he's never done that before. And then he did it three more times, as he was reaching to pet the dogs. It seemed more like excitement then, but what about the jerky movements? Hubby tried to assure me that it was because he was standing on tippy toes and his muscles were taught. But I was totally worried...especially because I just saw Jenny McCarthy on Oprah (yeah, YOU never watch it), and she was talking about her son who has autism, and how he would have seizures as a baby. It's probably nothing, and there was no eye rolling going on, but just in case, you know I'll spend a good part of the evening googling "baby makes weird noise and shakes". Because I like to make myself as paranoid as possible.

Wyatt has his 6 month checkup tomorrow and I'll mention it to the Dr. along with, " baby NEVER sleeps. Really." He will probably just tell me I'm a hypochondriac, which I am, sort of, but maybe he'll also tell me how this is really common and he can tell by looking at my child that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong. Not that I would be completely reassured, but maybe it would knock down my anxiety by like....5%? Fingers crossed.

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