Monday, September 24, 2007

The part wherein I REALIZE my conclusion was paranoid, and am indoctrinated into the evil ways of sleep training.

Ok, so I'm a freak. Yay! There is nothing wrong with Wyatt - he was not having a seizure and I was being paranoid. Thank God. In other news, he now weighs 21 pounds and is 28 inches at 6 months - wow! 95% for both. As planned, I discussed Wyatt's sleep (or lack thereof) to the ped. He thinks that since Wyatt's colic was so bad, we became super-soothers, and now he expects a lot of soothing since it ended and has no ability to put himself to sleep. Basically he said that the only way to get over this waking every hour thing is to put him down fed, clean, and awake, not return for a set number of minutes when he starts crying.

I feel like I've read every technique or philosophy and the pros and cons and I've been so torn, so this is what I've been trying for several weeks with little success. But I've been apparently been doing it wrong...when I return, I'm only supposed to reposition him, not soothe him back to sleep. This is for when he goes down at night, after that, soothe him for all the other awakenings. I am at the end of my rope and ready to try almost anything, but it is so hard to hear your child scream, even briefly. He told me it shouldn't take longer than a week for him to be able to soothe himself, and I feel incredulous, yet slightly excited. I'll have to remember that tonight when I feel like my heart is being drop-kicked on the floor. I just want my happy rested baby.

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