Sunday, October 12, 2008

Poor Little Boy...

Wyatt's little girlfriend has a brand new brother! I am always in awe and amazed when someone decides to give it another go. I think maybe they had a different experience then me, because geez, I only have one, and half the time I can't tell you what time zone I live in OR where my keys are. You know in the movie "Juno" where she says, "I'm ill-equiped." Well, yeah, that about sums it up right there. Of course, I know I would be happy to have another if it so happens, but the thought of actually MAKING THAT DECISION MYSELF? That thought strikes me with something akin to PANIC and TERROR. Those people who have twins? And oh my heavens, triplets? Well, they ought to be canonized.

But I digress...Something happened today that I had no control over, but nevertheless made me briefly question my mothering abilities, as all paranoid freaks are prone to do. I was outside playing with Wyatt on the porch, when all of the sudden he lurched forward. I think he tripped, but it happened so fast, I couldn't be sure. Anyhow, the short of it is that he fell down two stairs, and landed face-first on the pavement of the driveway. He immediately started crying and I scooped him up, noticing the angry red gash on his forehead and below his nose. I was very concerned that he may have broken it, but after he had calmed down a bit, he let me clean it off in the bath. After he was all bathed and lotioned up, I rubbed it with vitamin E oil. I felt terrible for him, but he soon forgot and was his goofy self.

I know its irrational, but when we were out later in the day, I felt like I needed to explain to people what had happened in order to ward off any concerned calls to CPS. Poor kid looked a little worse for the wear. We did mention it to a few people who looked our way. I have no idea what onlookers were thinking, but I do know that we tried extra hard to seem like doting parents (that we OF COURSE are...hehe ;). And it totally helped that Wyatt was being really silly, all but oblivious to his poor face.

The below pictures were taken with my camera phone, so they are kinda blurry. They make me sad. :(

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