Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy 18 Months!

Our little man is 18 months today. Too bad he is celebrating with a cold (which I seem to be catching). Wyatt has hardly ever been sick, I can honestly say this is only the third or fourth time that he has had a runny nose. I was somewhat expecting it though, after our trip to the bookstore on Sunday to play with the trains.

Wyatt was having a great time at the train table and had been playing for almost THREE HOURS straight, when a little girl came over to play. Hacking up a lung. Now, I understand if you need to go the the store or something and can't leave your child home, but how irresponsible and plain RUDE to take them to a place to interact and play with other non-sick kids. If your child has a nasty case of whooping cough, please leave them home. (Am I the only one who has a problem with this? Sometimes it sure seems that way.) Anyhow, Eric and I exchanged a meaningful glance and grabbed Wyatt, but not before the girl thoroughly sprayed his face with mucus chunks. NICE.

Last night he was waking up often and crying. I knew he was having trouble breathing, so I brought him into our bed and rubbed his back when he awoke. After a few times of this, he sat up all the way, looked around, and let out a soft but maniacal chuckle that he was no longer in his crib. Soon after, he returned to the crib, and the rest of the night went better.

I found a box of tissues and Wyatt is now walking around with them, "blowing" his nose.

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