Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sail Away...

While I was in Maryland, Eric went to a boat show where he met a couple who work at a boat dealership and have lived on their boat for the past few years. They exchanged information and offered to take us sailing sometime. So yesterday, Eric left work early and we went went sailing for almost four hours.

I have been on boats before, but never a sailboat in particular and neither had Wyatt (obviously). It was just like I imagined it would be: very relaxing with only the wind and the water as a soundtrack. We had a great time and Wyatt loved it, especially when we sailed up close to a floating bouy (sp?) covered in seals. The ironic thing was that he seemed to have more trouble staying upright after we had docked and the boat was still than when we were actually sailing.

The whole time I kept thinking how great the rolling motion would be for a baby with colic, and how we should have met them a lot sooner. ;)

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Lily's Mama said...

i'm so glad wyatt had a good time! what a sweet little boy. pictures! pictures!