Monday, September 1, 2008

That's My Boy!

Tonight Wyatt participated in his first act of juvenile vandalism. I guess he is getting an early start.

I was outside talking on the phone and keeping one eye on Wyatt as he gathered lots of little rocks off the ground, when I noticed his hands were black. I went to retrieve him, and of course, thinking it was a game, he went in the opposite direction. Until he came to the back of Eric's motorcycle. Where he stuck one hand in each of the tailpipes. Great. So that's where all that grease came from.

Sensing a reprimand, he gave me a devious smirk and started taking off. Which is when I noticed the lemons. One in each tailpipe.

I was so proud.

Right up until the part where I had to stick my own hand in and actually REMOVE them.

1 comment:

Lily's Mama said...

haha! i can just picture his cute little face putting those lemons in the tailpipe! reminds me of lily shoving her Little People animals in the deep hole in ryan's speaker box in the living room. he was trying to use all sorts of gadgets to get them out - when finally i said, "why don't you just tip it over?" sometimes logic is optional ;) and don't tell ryan, but i think she put another one in there recently...