Monday, August 16, 2010

Do you remember that chewy granola bar commercial?

The one that insinuates that a chewing mouth is one that won't say embarrassing things in public? I needed one of those the other day.

We were in a store which only had one bathroom. The kind of bathroom you avoid going into at all costs and dread having to use because it is no doubt strewn with errant toilet paper and inexplicable muddy wetness on the floor which you unsuccessfully try to keep from soaking the bottom of your pants.

Anyway. Of course Wyatt needed to use THIS particular bathroom, in THIS particular store, and couldn't wait. Except we had to. Because there was a man who went in in front of us. And apparently set up camp complete with a sleeping bag and cookstove cause he was NOT. COMING. OUT. No matter how long we waited.

Finally, Wyatt was getting impatient with running around the rug display in front of the bathroom, and said really loudly, "Why is that man taking SO LONG? I think maybe he ate too much dinner."

We went somewhere else to find another bathroom.

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