Friday, August 6, 2010

I have an amazing son...

I just had the craziest conversation before bed with Wyatt while I was singing to him. While I was singing "Jesus loves me" he asked me if Moses loved him too. I didn't even know that he had ever heard of Moses but I assumed it could have been during the VBS at Grandmommy's church. He said he had heard of Moses in the Bible at Adam's house. Which might be true, I just don't know. But later he did tell me he heard the story in the big church (the sanctuary) during VBS.

I said that Moses lived a long time ago and was now in heaven with Jesus and we would be able to meet him some day. He replied, "I don't want to meet Moses, he was a mean man, not very nice." I told him I thought he was thinking of someone else because Moses was not a mean man.

A couple minutes later he asked why they were in the desert. Then I realized the mean man he was talking about was Pharoah! He kept asking why Pharoah was so mean, and I said he didn't know God and have Jesus in his heart. Wyatt scrunched up his face and said, "You mean God is INSIDE of me??? I don't think I really like that!"

I said, "Not really inside your real heart, but he lives with you and helps you when you ask him to! And Pharoah was mean cause he didn't know Jesus and so he couldn't ask him for help to be patient and to be a good listener like we can."

Then he asked why Pharoah died...and told me he thinks Pharoah died in a big pond with no ducks! It took me a minute to realize he was talking about when they went through the Red Sea and Pharoah's army drowned!

He wanted to know how fast God made the water cover over the army, and I said probably pretty quick cause God controls everything, all of nature, like the thunder and lighting the other night.

Wyatt replied, "But God needs to turn off the thunder and lightning when I'm sleeping." (Haha!) I told him we can't tell God what to do but we can ask him for things.

Then he asked if God protects him when he goes fast (like on his bike, etc.), and I said, he protects us if we're being careful, but if we do crazy things we can still get hurt! But we don't have to worry about things because God is looking out for us.

He said, "But sometimes I worry," and I said whenever you are worried you can tell God about it and leave it with him.

After I came downstairs, he came down a couple minutes later and wanted to pray that God would keep him safe. So I prayed that God would keep him safe and then he prayed and thanked God for a good lunch. (Even though it was bedtime! Haha!)

What a crazy deep conversation. I can't believe how much he pays attention, and how much he thinks about things. Sometimes I don't give him enough credit, he is a truly amazing three year old. It just touches my heart to see his longing to know about God. (Especially earlier when he asked me how old God was and then said he must have really big feet, like the size of a steam train if he was that old.) :)

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