Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sweet Moments

Last night as I was putting Wyatt to bed, there was a big storm raging outside with lots of thunder and lightning. Wyatt was scared of the thunder and wanted me to tell God to make it stop! I tried explaining to him that the rain was a gift from God because the flowers and plants needed water, and he told me they had enough because we had watered them earlier today (we had)!

So I told him about all the neighbors' flowers which might not have been watered, and all the trees and the grass which we didn't water and how much they need the rain, and that God would make it stop when they had the perfect amount. We didn't need to be afraid of the lightning and thunder because God was in control of it. And then I prayed about the storm and asked him if he wanted to. He said he didn't want to talk about the storm, but would pray about Buster.

"Dear God, please help Buster to eat his food, and drink his water, and stay on the earth."

Then Wyatt wanted me to pray about the storm again, so I prayed that God would protect us and keep us safe, and then Wyatt prayed:

"Dear God, Please help protect me and keep me safe and help me not to cry and not to get hurt by the storm."

And the storm rolled away.

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