Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Future Ring Bearer

Wyatt and I are going to be in my sister in law's wedding in about a month.  Wyatt is the ring bearer.  Which could go well (possibly, if he takes his job seriously, and I walk with him, but I'm not letting him know up front that walking down with him is an option), or it could be a disaster of epic proportions.  (In which case, if I sense that coming on, he will just sit with Daddy.) 

You put Wyatt in a new situation, with new clothes including a vest and possibly a tie, and ask him to follow directions, especially with a whole bunch of strangers looking at him, and you never know what you're going to get.  But it probably goes something like this:

"NOOOOOOOOO!"  (running in the other direction while yelling) "STOP LOOKING AT ME!"  and crying and lots and LOTS of drama.

Of course I wanted to say yes when she asked and I know it could be a really good experience for him as well.  And the outfit...SO cute.  But took a lot of doing and prep to convince him to try it on. Like I had to hang the vest where he could see it for a week, and bring up the wedding nonchalantly for a while before he would stop saying how much he "didn't really like it" and would "run away from the pastor".

As he has never been to a wedding and really has no idea what it entails, we had him watch OUR wedding video, so he could see my cousin walking down the aisle as the flower girl.  He looked concerned, and then started tearing up and saying he didn't really like wearing rings.  So I had to explain to him that HE wasn't getting married, or wearing rings.

And then one day as I was tucking him into bed, he told me he was scared of Daddy's hair at the wedding.  I had to explain to him that Daddy had long hair and a pony tail at OUR wedding, and that he hasn't had long hair in a long time and that long hair wasn't part of mandatory wedding attire.

Anyway, we have gotten him to wear the wedding outfit willingly, so that's a huge first step.  (Although I had to order different pants, because as you might or might not be able to tell, the ones in the picture are super huge and had to be rolled up halfway to his knees.  And the waist is too big to keep the shirt in.) Here is my dapper little man (who also hates having his picture taken, so that always makes things interesting as well...) 

I hope it goes well and he has a good time.  It will be good practice for him as he will possibly be a ring bearer in my brother's wedding in October as well.

P.S.  Wyatt was just jumping on the trampoline, with no idea that I was writing about a wedding when he asked me where he was when Daddy and I got married.  I said he wasn't born yet, and he wanted to know if he was in my tummy.  I said, not yet, he was still with God.  He said he would rather have Daddy put him in my tummy than God, because God was so big.  (Oh boy...have no idea where he even got any ideas like that, its way too early to have THAT conversation...)


Hestermania! said...

SO CUTE!!! maybe the peer pressure from his cousins will help ;) remember how willing he was to let me wash his hair and run the faucet over his head??

Amanda said...

Yes, I hope so!! ;)