Wednesday, August 4, 2010

EVEN more funny...

I had to wake Wyatt up from his nap this afternoon because lately, no matter how early I put him down, he can't seem to fall asleep before 4-5pm. The other day he slept till almost 7pm, and I did not want a repeat of that night. The one wherein my mom and I tried to watch the finale of our favorite reality show (which shall remain nameless) and Wyatt couldn't help but moonwalk and soul train back and forth across the room in front of us the entire time. It was KILLING him that he was not the center of attention. And I don't like being forced to put my kid to bed close to midnight because otherwise its too early. Hah.

He was all groggy and a little upset that I woke him (hate doing that), so I just let him lay there and turned on his light and went downstairs. A couple minutes later I called up, "Are you getting up?" And he said, "No, I need a few more minutes, I didn't want you to wake me up because I was making a fish. In the room. But there weren't enough stickers." I can only presume he was telling me about a dream he had been having, based on something that actually happened this week. (Wyatt has attended VBS at Grandmommy's church since Monday this week, and done surprisingly well. One day they made fish (in the room) and used stickers to decorate them. Haha!)

Anyway, he finally got up after realizing I had turned on his light and chided me that I was "wasting electricity!" When he came downstairs, I was putting together shish-ka-bobs. I stubbed my toe on the oven, and Wyatt said, "I think you'd better back up and let Granmommy do it." Thanks kid! ;)

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