Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th! The day has actually been pretty good so far. We woke up this morning at the deliciously late hour of 7:30am, by OURSELVES, not to the usual bloodcurdling screams. After rolling over and realizing we were both awake, and it was LIGHT outside, Eric asked me if Wyatt had already woken up and gone back down for a nap. To which I responded with a puzzled, "No..." I was not about to look a gift horse in the mouth, but, out of character, Eric was the one who was immediately worried and thought he should go check on him, lest he was kidnapped during the night by a band of gypsies.

When he opened the door Wyatt was standing there in his crib smiling. SMILING. Now, for a lot of people this may not seem unusual, and all I have to say is I HATE those people. I can pretty much count the number of times my son has woken up cheerful on one...WAIT. I don't need any hands to count it, because it has NEVER HAPPENED. Needless to say, my heart was soaring.

Until about an hour later...when I emerged from a brief trip to the "loo" (I just love that word, don't know why...) to find what looked like black sand strewn all over. Oh no. It could only be one thing. Coffee. I found Wyatt playing in his room and panicked. His face was smeared with black coffee grinds and he looked not unlike pictures I had seen of myself eating dirt at age two. Eric thought it was quite hilarious, and I did too, after I thankfully realized it was DECAF. (No, the Wakeful Baby does NOT need any more stimulation.) The only part that was not funny was trying to clean the grounds out of the cloth covered glider chair...:(P

After cleaning up our little monster, we went out and got coffee and bagels. Wyatt seemed so good-natured this morning that I even acquiesed to Eric's usual request to go to the book store. I did have to spend most of the time in the kiddie section, while Wyatt pushed his stroller around like a madman, but they had a train table, and when he finally saw it I couldn't pry him away. "Tain, TAIN!" he shouted, and out of character boldly walked over and started playing with two 3 years olds. He still hasn't quite grasped that trains go, "Choo choo", and not "brrrrrrrmmmmm" as you push them around like a car, but it was so cute watching him play. It made me realize that he fusses a lot at home because he is so stinking bored with all those silly baby toys, and darn it, mama, he needs some big boy toys. Also at the book store he found a stuffed Boston Terrier which looked a lot like our dog Buster and was quite pleased to give it a hug and show it to Daddy.

He finally took a nap at 12:30 when we got home, and being that he skipped the morning nap for the 1st time, I am wondering if he will be growing out of it soon. Part of me hopes not, but the other part of me realizes how much more convenient it would be to only have one nap to worry about. He only slept for about an hour though, so it wasn't any longer than usual. (Maybe the coffee wasn't decaf after all...) I am hoping I can get him back down for another one later, because we're having some friends over for a bar-b-que and then fireworks are at 9pm. We can't miss those - Wyatt loved them last year! :)

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