Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Organic Alarm Clock

Wyatt finally slept in for the first time today. On the day that our power had gone out overnight, shutting off the alarm to wake Eric up for work. How ironic.

I can't say I blame him for sleeping in, and I will say I am much appreciative, considering he awoke screaming bloody murder around 1:00am and I sat up with him until 3:00. On the plus side, I finally felt one of those molars poking through, but I just hope they hurry up, as we're due to visit my mom in a week.

I'm not sure why the power went out, although it must have happened twice. I noticed the clock flashing the first time as I came back to bed after 3:00, and I was quick to reset it. So when Eric and I woke up and looked at each other, I reassured him that the alarm was set for 7:30, not knowing it was after 9:00 already...oops ;). Today the weather is pretty gloomy and overcast out, only making it harder to determine the actual time of day. When we heard Wyatt we assumed it was obviously before 7:30, but then we noticed the blinking clock. Frantically, Eric ran to look at the analog clock in the laundry room which said 9:30. We double checked our phones. Confirmed. Yikes. Eric had a bunch of text messages from work asking if he was ok. Its a good thing we have this organic alarm clock, even if he did malfunction just a bit. ;)

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