Monday, July 14, 2008

Last Day in Cali...

Today I am attempting to pack for my trip back east. Tomorrow Wyatt and I are flying to MD for two weeks to stay with my mom, and we'll also visit Eric's family in NJ while we are there. That should be exciting, because I will (hopefully) have two new nephews to meet while I am there! ;)

I know Eric is going to miss us like crazy. And Wyatt will probably miss his daddy. He has been becoming more of a daddy's boy lately. I think it is because Eric has been putting him to bed and getting him out of the crib in the morning more. Usually utter despair is directed towards me, but the other day when Eric went into the bathroom and shut the door, Wyatt started crying as if he had been abandoned. Normally this happens when I leave his sight, and he has never really done it much with his daddy. I picked him up to comfort him and he just wailed inconsolably. Finally I put him down and he just stood outside the bathroom door crying, "Dada, dada...." Fortunately, when Daddy emerged, all was right with the world again. It was so funny to watch it, because usually it plays out the opposite...haha.

Yesterday was pretty hot out, so after church we didn't do much until the late afternoon, when we turned to each other and said, "Let's get outta here." We have no air conditioning, only a measly ceiling fan, and that can only do so much. I think we were both feeling trapped indoors, and that was only made worse by a fussy, teething baby.

So we went to the harbor (again) and walked around. It was really nice, and we all (including Wyatt) needed badly to get out of the house. Finally we worked up an appetite and decided to go to one of our favorite pizza joints, the Pizza Port.

While there, Wyatt preceded to flirt nonstop with a cute blonde girl who was paying him attention. (Men, they are so easy...hehe). He was smiling and shaking his head and acting goofy, and when she would smile back, he would duck his head down and look at her coyly. This continued throughout the dinner. He is SUCH a ladies man. He does the same thing with this cute girl at the video store, and she LOVES him. She is the first person he willingly went to besides us, and he always goes straight up to her with his arms up when we go in. He sure LOVES the ladies. It is hilarious.

As I sit here typing, Wyatt is enjoying his lunch of cheese casadilla, broccoli, and "ball" as he refers to watermelon. It appears that he has taken it upon himself to rub "ball" all over his head. It must be bath time. ;)

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