Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Home Again, Home Again's good to be home. Even though I had a wonderful time with family and thoroughly enjoyed the "Grandma Break", its nice to have my day once again filled with things that need to be done. This is not a sentiment I usually feel, so who knows how long it will last, but I'm just gonna go with it.

We got in about 6:45 our time last night and it was great to see Eric again. He was so excited to see Wyatt, and vice versa. As soon as Wyatt saw him, he said, "Dada, dada!" and held up his hands to be picked up. It was so adorable.

For the most part, Wyatt did extremely well on this trip, what with the time change, being shuffled around, and getting molars all at once. I think he really enjoyed all the extra attention and Grandma's huge yard, which he would run around several times a day. I was a little sad to take him away from all of it.

Although Wyatt did pretty well on vacation, the plane rides were another story. Let's just say we both spent the last flight home yesterday soaked, and one of us spent part of it naked. (No, thankfully, it wasn't me.) That is a story for another post. I will fill you in later, but right now I hear my little man arising from his nap. ;)

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Lily's Mama said...

oh i HAVE to hear about the nakedness...