Wednesday, July 9, 2008


As I went to get Wyatt after his afternoon nap, I simultaneously asked myself three things.

1) Why do I seem to be standing in some sort of puddle?
2) Why is my baby naked?
3) What is that smell?

And that's when I noticed the poop. IN THE CRIB. Now, I have no idea if he pooped and then removed his diaper, or the other way around, but irrelevant. POOP IN THE CRIB. I also then realized that the puddle I was standing in was a nice big puddle of pee, from where he stood against the bars and peed outside the crib. FOR THE THIRD TIME THIS WEEK. Now, you would think I would learn, and put him down for a nap with pants on, or at least a snapping diaper, but I kept thinking it was a fluke that his diaper ended up OFF. Not so, I guess he has officially learned to remove it. Yay. (He did that once during naptime as a 5 month old, but I really do think THAT was a fluke...) I usually put a fleece diaper cover over top at night, so that prevents him from doing it then. (And I thought they were just to prevent leaking...who knew?) It has been too hot lately to put him down in anything but a diaper, so now I can see the wisdom in side-snapping diapers for older babies (more annoying to put on, but A LOT less likely to be pried off).

Guess I better do some laundry...

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Lily's Mama said...

i'm so glad you're back to blogging! every time i see your blog show up bold in my bloglines, i know i'm in for a treat ;)