Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday Morning Post

Overall, we had a great weekend. As expected, Wyatt loved the fireworks even more this year, and was cracking everyone up with his constant chuckling. Apparently they were very amusing. Yesterday we used our free tickets (thanks to Eric's coworker) and headed down the the San Diego (aka Del Mar) fair. We told Wyatt in the morning that we were going to the fair, and all morning long he kept repeating, "Fai, fai?"

When we finally got down I was skeptical of how Wyatt might do, considering our arrival time coincided nicely with nap time. Thankfully, there was so much to see and do that he was great, and we spent the better part of four hours wandering around checking out all the sights. Of course Wyatt's favorite was the animal tent, with cows, sheep, goats, ducks, and pigs. They even had a little petting zoo and he was so excited. It was free to go in, but $1 for food to feed them. We didn't think Wyatt would be quite into that yet, so we just went in. But then he noticed all the other kids feeding the sheep and goats, and not to be left out, started picking up wood chips and "feeding" them to a sheep. The sheep, ever polite, pretended to actually enjoy the chips, and Wyatt was so pleased with himself. He kept picking up more and giving it to the sheep. All I could think was, "Poor sheep is going to be so constipated..." Then a little girl came over and shared some of her feed with Wyatt and he laughed so hard when a goat nuzzled it out of his hand. He went around and gave hugs to all the sheep and goats sticking their heads out of the fence. He really has no fear of animals at all, although I'm not sure that's such a good thing! It sure is cute to see how much he loves them though. ;)

Oh, one of his new words is, "Boo-bee". Yeah, great... He kept poking me in the chest as I was carrying him at the fair and I made the mistake of saying, "That's Mama's boobie..." So of course, randomly over the next hour he took great delight in poking me and saying, "Boo-bee!" Or more like yelling. And then giggling like it was the funniest thing in the world. And usually only around a crowd of people in a quiet space, like the fine arts display area. That's my boy...;)

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Lily's Mama said...

hahaha! i'll be sure to hear him talk about your boo-bee's next week!